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This is the story that we wrote for the discovery portion of the project.

Lewis and Clark went looking for the Northwest Passage but found that it wasn't there. This is kind of what we wanted to do with the Oort Cloud.

The Undiscovery
By: Samantha E. Foster
Team Plomet Author

The rest of the team was on a weekend break. They were out floating around in space. I had to stay behind to look after the ship. Tomorrow Cadence would take over for me for a while so I could get a chance to get a break.

That was really nice of her, since she had been an enemy with me from the beginning. I tried to be friends with her but she wouldn’t have anything to do with a Christian. She’s very into evolution. That’s the only reason why she wants to go to space, to prove the Oort Cloud theory. Which is almost the same reason I want to go to space as well, but I want to disprove the Oort Cloud theory.

In theory, comets are only supposed to live to be a few thousand years old. Again, in theory, the universe is supposed to be 4.8 billion years old. So if comets live only to be a few thousand years old and the universe is WAY older than that there should be no more comets right? Wrong. Scientists suggest that there is this cloud out in deep space called the Oort Cloud. This cloud is supposed to spit out new comets every so often.

Instead, if thinking that there’s something way out in deep space that nobody has ever seen spitting out new comets for us at just the right times, wouldn’t it make more sense to think that the universe is less than 10,000 years old and that’s why comets are still alive? I thought so.

One day Cadence came up to me and asked, "So you don’t believe in evolution, right?”

"Right. Why do you ask?”

"Well, I was just wondering what your stance was on the Oort Cloud Theory.”

"That thing doesn’t exist. If it did, that would mean the universe is 4.8 billion years old, which it isn’t.”

"Don’t you believe in the Big Bang Theory?”

"Kind of… God said ‘let there be’ and BANG! there was.” Cadence scowled at me as I continued, "Why can’t we just believe that God created the universe and everything in it?”

"Because there is no God. He’s just a fictitious character in a book. Somebody just made him up because he felt the need to have somebody rule over him and tell him what to do.”

"That’s not true.”

"Ya-huh, it is.”

"Na-uh” I was messing with her mind now.







George walked by noticing our intelligent theological argument and stepped in, sarcasm dripping from his voice, "My, you two sound real smart. I can see why the Astro Corp picked you guys to take care of the ship.” I realized how stupid we must’ve sounded and burst out laughing. Cadence just glared at me and stomped away, fuming.


It was Jason, the captain’s son. I turned to look at him, "What’s up Jason?”

"Well, I've been looking for the Oort Cloud, you know, that thing that Cadence wants to find so bad? Well, I looked where she said it was supposed to be and I can’t find it.”

"Really? Show me.”

He took me over to where he had a Magnoe set up. A Magnoe is a reusable gel that you spread over a window and it turns the window into a huge magnifying glass. There were different strengths of Magnoe and Jason had the strongest one which allowed you to see things from 1,000 light years away. The Oort Cloud should be visible from where we were (if it existed), but I didn’t see anything that looked remotely like a deep space cloud filled with icy things.

This could be a major discovery! I went back to my bunk and grabbed my digital camera. It was the newest one and just 2” x 1” and it was only ½ an inch thick. I took shots of the space where the cloud would be if it were there. I had discovered the absence of the Oort Cloud! Well, actually Jason had, but I was still very exited!

This was an important piece of evidence in this battle between Creationists and Evolutionists that could bring thousands to know the Lord. I would have some hard solid evidence to show all the evolutionists and to give to today's Christian scientists who are struggling with other non-believing scientists to prove a point. I hit my knees right there and gave thanks to the Lord and said a silent prayer for Cadence.


This webste was created by Team Plomet.
This is our solution to the Spaceday 2004 Space Trek Challenge.
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